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Line installation Management

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Quick Overview: Need a new telephone line installed? We can manage the whole process for you:

We can manage your line activation with Orange and arrange the engineer’s attendance at your property.

Select our Concierge service and we’ll manage every aspect of your line installation with Orange, liaising with the local installation teams to ensure a speedy and hassle free way to manage your landline installation.


Have you ever been registered with Orange? *

Previous line owner name and/or number *

Neighbour’s name and/or number

Current property type *

Do you own the property? *

Is it a newly built property? *

Are there sockets in the house? *


(NB: Always depends upon Orange’s availability) Please note we cannot guarantee the date above as we are reliant on the next appointment with Orange. If you are a new Orange customer or are a returning customer who has cancelled with Orange more than 6 months ago, you will have to provide us with a photocopy of your passport and RIB. Whilst every care is taken to process your instructions carefully we cannot be held responsible for errors, omissions or failures of 3rd Parties.”)