Getting Connected in France – Uk telecom

List of Essential Websites

Here are the most useful websites that will help you set up the best services for you. There are many more of course and there are others only your telecom provider has access to as part of the services they offer.
Use this site to find out what the general broadband speed is in any town or commune where you are searching for a property. In the event of there being no service or a very slow one we can
tell you if there are any upgrades planned for the near future at your local exchange.
Found your ideal property? Use this site to see what broadband speed you will get there. If there is no line going to the property use the address of your nearest neighbour to get an indication
of the likely speed you will get. Ask us to help with interpretation of the results if necessary.
A major investment in the broadband network started in 2013 with a planned completion date of 2022 and a budget of 20€Billion. The aim is to bring high speed broadband to about 80%
of homes with towns having priority. Not all rural areas are guaranteed this improvement. Your telecom company or mairie may also have information on how and when this will affect your commune.
Choosing the right mobile is made much easier if you use the link below. It will tell you the coverage of each network, so you can choose the best for your area.
Calling UK non-geographic numbers (marketing numbers) from France is expensive. UK free phone numbers are not free either as your provider has to get your call onto the UK
network, for which you will be charged. Go to this web site to see if there is an equivalent national telephone number.
Many of us dislike receiving cold calls from sales people. You can minimise this by going ex-directory (Liste Rouge) when you set up your line, but this may not be sufficient or you may
want people to be able to find you for other reasons. Use the following web site to request your number not to be called by cold call organisations, the service is free.

Squeezing Maximum Speed from Your wifi
Like property, it is all about location, location, location!

• The higher the modem is located the better. Wifi signals are sent out radially and downwards.
• Modems do not like microwaves and white goods, so kitchens are bad.
• Christmas lights and other devices also emit ‘repetitive electrical impulse noise’ (REIN) which adversely affect modem performance. Newer LED lights should cause less interference.
• They don’t like TVs or mirrors either.
• Every modem has several wifi channels – but are factory pre-set using just one of three. Get help to change it if necessary.
• Make sure you have used your security code to stop others using your service.

Reliable Broadband for Gites
With 25% of our customers owning holiday accommodation we know how important good broadband services are for repeat bookings.

We provide our customers with a guide for visitors that they can use if they have any problems using the wifi connection – from problems getting their iPads etc connected to more specific
issues. The information sheet includes all the details they need to know for us to help even when you are not near. Their call to us is free and they will be answered in English or French.

What Makes Us Different?
UKTelecom offers a new line installation management service that takes away all the problems associated with getting live at a time when there are so many other problems setting up a new home. More than 95% of our customers take this service.

UKTelecom’s FREE ‘UKDirect2u service ‘translates your French telephone number to a low cost UK number that you can give to friends and family. A 10 minute call from the UK over our service will cost just 48p. The same call made over an ordinary domestic BT line will cost £4.12p.

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