FREE UKDirect2U Service – Update – Uk telecom

FREE UKDirect2U Service – Update

FREE UKDirect2U Service – Update

UKDirect2u FREE Service

We provide this free service to all phone subscribers in France giving big savings to their friends and family who wish to call them from the UK.  A standard call from a UK BT landline to a French number will cost 40 pence per minute.  However our customers choosing our free service which translates their French number into a low cost UK non-geographic number only pay 3 pence per minute.

We have not increased our cost of this service for the last 10 years and have no plans to do so.

Since July 2015 those in the UK using this and other non-geographic numbers have been charged an access charge, more commonly known as a connection charge, by their own telecom service provider.  It applies to 080, 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers.  UKTelecom gets no benefit from this new charge.

The charges follow negotiations with OFCOM, the UK regulator.  The UK telecom companies will have advised their customers of these changes, but some people using our UKDirect2U service have not recalled receiving any notification and some of our customers have queried the charge for calls made to them when in France.

The actual charge made is likely to be different depending on the UK telecom company concerned.  For example UKTelecom charges its business customers 6 pence access charge but we know of several UK companies charging domestic customers up to 12 pence to access the 084 number we have provided.

Our UKdirect2U service remains a highly attractive service, costing typically just 15 pence (including the highest access charge) for the first minute of a call for a UK user to call you.  This compares to a BT domestic customer using their standard service who will pay 52 pence to speak with you.

On the same basis a five minute call using the UKDirect2U service will cost only 27 pence compared to the same call made over BT which will cost £2.12 pence.

If you have not asked us to provide this free service just make a call now to our Freephone number and one of our team will have you service set up while you are on the phone.  There are no contracts for you to sign and your friends dont have to sign anything either.  They will just see the call itemised on their bill in the normal way.