How to test your broadband speed before you buy your French property

It is not always simple to check what internet service available in the exact property you are planning to buy. Its essential to make sure that the broadband haut-débit speeds promised on paper will actually be there once you move in and have your line connected. You dont want ugly surprises after you move in!

In theory you should be able to test your expected internet connection just with the address, but in practice sometimes houses located right next to each other have different broadband speeds depending on the age of the line, where they are routed and the original materials used when the line was first connected.

If you havent bought yet and are still looking at properties let us do a broadband speed test while you wait, interpret the results for you and give you honest and knowledgeable advice about what services would be best for that location as some rural properties cannot get standard broadband, which is something you would want to know before buying. All without any obligation!

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