Broadband – Uk telecom

Enjoy high speed internet access (just like in the UK!) with our Broadband package.

It’s not all about the sale with us – we have a free, English speaking technical helpline for all of our customers and we want to find the right package for you.

Our FREE technical assessment of the broadband service available at your property (or if you are considering buying) is just a phone call away.

VoIP Broadband without a landline

Enjoy all the benefits of Broadband as well as free calls, unlimited Technical Support and access to UKTV.

With our VoIP Broadband package, the normal telephone line is partially disabled so there is no separate line rental charge. This also means if the broadband stops working so does the telephone.

With this service, the telephone handset is plugged directly into the modem. If you plug a telephone handset into the telephone socket, you wont get any dialling tone. Please call us for a free check to see if your line is eligible for this service.

From 31.95€ per month

Call package included : Unlimited calls to landlines within 100+ destinations.