When your telephone or broadband stop working

Im sure youll agree with me that there is never a good time for your telephone or broadband to stop working. We have come a long way in recent years in how we use telephones and broadband services. Many phone calls are replaced with Skype calls, mobile apps and emails. Broadband has long ceased to be a simple tool to find information, with buying and selling a major activity.

High speeds and new software allow many of us to work from home or be based in two locations, and wifi allows mobiles to be used to make low-cost calls to most destinations. No wonder we feel cut off from the world when there is a fault with our service.

Get it fixed quickly

Our first instinct is to call our providers support line to get it fixed but we often forget that there could be problems within our homes causing the loss of service. If these are not investigated and an engineer is called out they may charge for their wasted time. Quite apart from that, several days without a service could be avoided , so lets look at what we can do to get calls live quickly.

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