Calls from France to UK non-geographic numbers

When you call a non-geographic number in the UK from your French landline you have been charged for the cost to get your call from France onto the UK network and then the cost associated with the particular type of number you are calling.

Following the OFCOM regulators decision last July new access charges will be added to the cost of your call.  Charges for calls to Freephone numbers will remain the same.  That is, you will still be charged for the cost to get your call onto the UK network.

The actual service charge for calling the non-geographic numbers is set by the number range holding network and this must be clearly advertised by the company offering the service.

These charges will be applied by all telecom services companies in France.

UKTelecom has not increased its charges for any of these types of calls and does not receive any commissions from the number holders making these new access charges.

If you want to call a company in the UK, instead of dialling the non-geographic number, you can use its geographic correspondent. This will be a normal land line number starting by 01, 02, 03. If you already have a call package with free calls to land lines within the UK, calls to these numbers will not be charged.

You can easily use this link to search for an equivalent by either entering the company name or the non-geographic number.

If you need any help with this, dont hesitate to contact our office and one of our dedicated team members will assist you.