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Moving a long way can be made much much easier by knowing you'll be connected to a landline and broadband as soon as possible after arriving. We've helped thousands of Expats stay in touch over the past 15 years and we understand how important it is to get the basics right: right time, right price, right service, and most of all - right for you, a bespoke package for all.
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Need a new telephone line installed? We can manage the whole process for you. We can manage your line activation with Orange and arrange the engineer's attendance at your property. Select our Concierge service and we'll manage every aspect of your line installation with Orange, liaising with the local installation teams to ensure a speedy and hassle free way to manage your landline installation.


Enjoy high speed internet access 24/7 (Just like in the UK!) with one of our broadband packages. With prices starting from 31.95€ a month (for the first 12 months, thereafter 36.50€ per month), including free calls to landline and access to UKTV there's a package to suit every pocket so call us today on 01483 477 100 to discuss your requirements with one of our UK based advisors.


A bespoke package to access UK TV. We expect many of you are missing having UK TV on your TV set. So we've been busy building a way to bring the best of British TV available on the internet to your front room, from as little as 6.99€ per month!


Mobiles, SIMS, data SIMS and hotspots - there's something to cover every need and all carried over the best mobile network in France! Great value call charges and there is no requirement to 'top up before deadlines or lose your money like other pre-paid SIMs.

FREE services

Wish your friends, family and colleagues could enjoy low call rates to reach you when you're abroad? If so, why not claim your free UKDirect2U number fromUKTelecom - an 0844 low rate UK number that connects directly with your French landline. Callers will pay just 3p per minute calling this 0844 number compared with BT's charge of 40p per minute.


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