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UKtelecom Ltd

Terms & Conditions of Trade



Our terms and conditions have been written in plain English and are set out to ensure that the obligations we have to our customers and our customers have to us are easily understood.

Unless specifically stated to the contrary, all services provided by UKtelecom under this agreement are for domestic use. If you require enhanced levels of support or repair you need to subscribe to a full business service. We will not accept liability for any loss or interruption to our services, and by entering into a contract with us you agree that you have no claim for loss, penalties, liability expenses etc. resulting from a loss of service. It is therefore  your responsibility to insure for any such possible loss or alternatively purchase a business level service.


Where you and your are shown they refer to each customer (Customer) and we, us and our refer to UKtelecom. By completing an application for services you have established an account with us regulated by these terms and conditions. Where you use your account or permit someone else to use your account to purchase or otherwise acquire access to additional services or to modify or cancel your services (even if we were not notified of such authorisation) this agreement covers any such services or actions.

Accurate Information

You agree to (1) provide certain current, complete and accurate information about you as required by the application process; and (2) to maintain and update this information as needed to keep it current, complete and accurate. We rely on this information (such as a suitable email address) to send you important information and notices regarding your account and our services. In particular you agree that if you fail to notify us in writing of your change of address within  four weeks of this change we have the right to terminate your contract forthwith and without notice to you.

Fees, Payment and Duration

Each of our products has its own specific conditions which are listed against the product name later on in this document. The general conditions shown  here apply in addition to the product specific conditions.

In return for the service(s) we provide to you, you agree to pay the applicable charges. These are set out on the application form we send and in information packs that are sent to new customers. In addition they can be found on our web site: www.uktelecom.net. You can choose to pay us either in Sterling by a UK bank direct debit or in Euros by a French bank Prélèvement. Our invoices are calculated in Euros and the exchange rate used for Sterling payments is that shown on The Post Office web site on the day the invoices are created.

All charges payable by you for the services will be the scale of charges notified to  you at the  time of your application and these rates may be varied from time to time and are published on our web site. Depending on the particular service provided, payment may be required in advance or collected in arrears. Please refer to the conditions that apply to the services you require.

If you have a call or internet package with your current provider you will need to write to them by recorded delivery cancelling the package or they will continue to charge you for the service and UKtelecom will not be responsible for the costs incurred. We provide suitable draft letters free of charge for your use.  Other providers will also require through their own Terms and Conditions notice of cancellation of their services and this must also be sent by recorded delivery. This needs to be done before proceeding with UKtelecom.

UKtelecom is based in the UK and its invoices apply the UK rate of VAT, which varies in accordance with UK law.  You agree to pay for the services and associated

VAT you order from us. We reserve the right to apply an interest charge to sums that remain unpaid after their due date. This interest is calculated at the rate of 1.5% per month or the maximum allowed by law. Please note that any payment for an outstanding bill by credit or debit card is subject to a 3% administration fee.

Business customers not liable for UK VAT should contact us to arrange the appropriate exemption.

In the event of non-payment within 14 days of the due date we may suspend, cancel or terminate your services. After 21 days we reserve the right to cancel all services and apply any termination fees due under the conditions that apply to those services.

Changes to Our Prices

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions when necessary due to the continually evolving nature of our business. All customers will receive notice of a change either by email to the address they have provided or as a notice included with their monthly invoice. Customers will receive 30 days notice of any change. We will also publish any new charges on our web site: www.uktelecom.net. It is the customers responsibility to read and understand these changes when they occur. These new charges will apply to any new services ordered from the date of publication. Your continued use of the services we provide shall constitute your acceptance of these new charges or conditions.

You may terminate your agreement with us, with the appropriate notice, should you not wish to accept these changes. You  acknowledge and  agree that such a termination or cancellation or request for the transfer of any service will be your exclusive remedy and our sole liability should you not wish to accept the changes to this agreement.


Your invoice will be for all services you have subscribed to and will be sent by email to the address you have provided at the end of the first week of each month and collection will take place 14 days after the date of invoice. In the event that no email address has been provided we will post a paper bill, and a 2.50‚¬ charge will be added to the bill to cover the additional costs.

Failed Direct Debit / Prélèvement Payments

Where an attempt to collect payment against an invoice via a Direct Debit or Prélèvement fails UKtelecom incurs substantial bank charges. We therefore make a charge to cover the costs that we have incurred for reasons that are the responsibility of our customers. There is a standard 20.00‚¬ charge for each failed attempt to collect money properly invoiced.


You have the right to terminate this agreement in accordance with the notice periods applying to the services you have required us to provide. The actual notice periods differ between products. Please refer to the terms and conditions associated with each product that is shown below.

We shall have the right to suspend or cancel this agreement either immediately or by notice in writing to you if any of the following occur:

  • You fail to make any payment when it becomes due or if we reasonably believe that you will not pay any amount due if an event occurs which is outside of our reasonable control
  • You exceed the terms of our Fair Usage Policy for services with unlimited
  • You are in breach of any of your obligations under this agreement
  • If a receiver is appointed over your assets
  • If a business customer you cease to carry on business for whatever reason (such as a winding up order or court order)

Prior House, 35 Sydenham Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU13RX

  • If you propose to enter into any arrangements with creditors, including voluntary arrangements

The removal of a suspension for incoming and outgoing calls will incur a charge of 20.00‚¬ and your account will only be reactivated once payment has been received.

On termination of this agreement for any reason we shall claim all amounts owing to us for the services supplied and payment shall be due in full on demand. We reserve the right to commence proceedings for outstanding money without further notice in the event of non-payment. You will not have the right to withhold or offset any portion of this. If we have to  apply this provision we will give you notice by email.

It is a condition of this agreement that you leave in place your UK Direct Debit or French Prélèvement arrangements for one month after the services cease to be supplied so that we may collect payment for services delivered under this agreement that are charged for in arrears.

Force Majeure

Neither of us will have to compensate the other for any detrimental event beyond the others  reasonable control. In this agreement beyond reasonable control includes any act of god, reduction or failure of power supply, other telecommunications operators and suppliers or their equipment including access lines, acts or omission of national or local government authority, war, military operation, riot or delay, employee dispute, or the supply of equipment by third parties.

In any event we shall not have to compensate you for any harm to your business, lost revenues, loss of anticipated savings, lost profits or other indirect, consequential or special losses nor for any charges incurred by you with another service provider.

Without prejudice to this our liability to you in contract or tort arising under or in connection with this agreement shall be limited to a maximum of 3,000.00‚¬ for any event or series of connected events and 6,000.00‚¬ in any 12 month period.

We do not limit our responsibility for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence.

Fair Usage Policy

This condition applies to residential customers who have asked us to supply an unlimited service. The cost of these services has been calculated on the anticipated usage by a typical customer. We monitor usage and in the event that we deem the usage excessive this will be relayed to you by email and you will be advised that the package will be withdrawn and your service transferred to our normal pay as you go tariff. The full Fair Usage Policy can be viewed on our web site: www.uktelecom.net.


We may assign or otherwise transfer this agreement at any time. You may not assign or otherwise transfer this agreement or any part of it without our written consent.


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless UKtelecom, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, partners, employees and attorneys for any loss, liabilities, damages, costs or expenses, including reasonable attorneys fees, resulting from any third party claim, action or demand arising out of or related to

  • your use of our connection to the services, but not limited to your application for, registration of, renewal of or failure to renew a particular service registered in your name (2) your use of any domain name registration or other service, (3) your content, (4) your breach or violation of any term, condition, representation or warranty of this agreement; or (5) your violation of any rights of  This indemnification is in addition to

France T: 0805 631 632, UK T: +44 (0) 1483 833 795, F: 033 0 6840299

E: enquiries@UKtelecom.uk.net, W: www.uktelecom.net Registered in England & Wales No: 4762679 any indemnification required under the UDRP or any similar policy.

Provision of Equipment for Service Requirements

You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to provide all equipment to enable  us to deliver the service  you  have  applied  for  and  to  pay  for  such equipment  or  service.  A  working  telephone  line  is necessary  for  the  standard  Broadband  service.    An operating software of Windows 2000; MAC OS X or newer is required for broadband services. Preferably your computer will have an Ethernet port, but if not it must have an active USB port.  If there is no USB port the  computer  will  need  a  working  Ethernet  card  for broadband services.   Please note that if you do not have these facilities you may not have the quality of service our Broadband service is capable of delivering and we might not be able to provide the usual high level of technical support.

You must use the modem we supply as we cannot provide the same level of technical support and remote diagnostic support with other products.

Service Accessibility

Once your service has been correctly  installed it is designed to be continuously active. UKtelecom is not responsible for any malfunctions resulting from events outside of its control; nor do we accept responsibility for problems of compatibility or any related matter associated with your equipment. However we provide free technical support in normal office hours to address all our responsibilities. In the event that we can establish that the fault lies with others we will try to give advice on who should be approached to remedy the problem. We accept no responsibility for any advice given. We shall not be liable for interruptions to our service caused by a problem with your France Telecom line. It is your responsibility to contact France Telecom to have the fault repaired. If you rent your line from us we will arrange for the fault to be repaired.

All faults should be reported to support@uktelecom.net or via our free-phone number 0805 631632.

Improper Use of Services

In the event of late payment or  breach of our Fair Usage Policy we reserve the right to restrict or suspend the service. This will not be done without first informing you , usually by email at the address you have provided to us.

It is generally appreciated that information available on the internet is not subject to protection and safeguards. You have the responsibility to protect your transmissions and computer data. It is not possible for UKtelecom to accept responsibility in the event that unauthorised persons or organisations obtain access to transmissions or data. Neither can UKtelecom accept responsibility resulting from the acts of third parties using such information. We are also required in law to suspend a service if French laws and regulations have been broken, and we may be obliged to terminate the contract. For example regulations relate to intellectual rights, sending of unsolicited emails, the protection of minors, acts that are prohibited in respect of minorities etc. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list but indicative of the type of requirements placed on individuals.


We need to hold information you have given us to enable us to provide you with services and we need to pass appropriate details to our suppliers for the same reason. We do not provide your details to any other organisations. You agree, by using our services, that we may hold your details on our database. We take reasonable precautions to protect your personal data from loss or unauthorised access.


You agree and acknowledge that any acceptance of your application for services and the performance of them by us will occur  at our  offices in the UK, the location of our principal place of business.

Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as creating an agency, partnership or other form of joint enterprise.

If we do not require you to follow any provision within this document it will not remove your obligation to observe all other conditions. If any clause becomes unenforceable it will not make the rest of this agreement invalid and the original intent of the agreement will be embodied in a new agreement.


UKtelecom may bring proceedings for breach  of contract in either the English or French jurisdiction or elsewhere and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the court where proceedings are commenced.

Specific Terms for Services

New Line Installation Management

For a single payment of 48‚¬ we manage the installation of a France Telecom line subject to receipt of accurate information from the customer and their  cooperation with France Telecom engineers to ensure the installation is completed efficiently. The 48‚¬ cost for Line Installation Management is payable in advance by credit, debit card or Direct Debit. Our services can only be ordered once we receive confirmation that the line is active and fully functional. Normal delays for the services then apply, please see individual service descriptions. We are not responsible for  the  delay taken by France Telecom for the activation of the line. While we manage the installation of the line with France Telecom we are not responsible for the charges that France Telecom applies for the installation or reactivation of that line. We outline these charges in our Information Pack. We will not deal with France Telecom regarding any billing error made by France Telecom following the line activation. If any billing error is made by France Telecom this should be taken up by the customer directly with France Telecom. Whilst every care is taken to process customers instructions we cannot accept responsibility for errors, omissions or failures of third parties.

Your line will automatically be transferred to UKtelecom once the New Line Installation Management is complete, thus meaning that the line rental will be payable through UKtelecom. You will also receive an initial invoice from France Telecom, for the line rental which should be reimbursed.

Line Rental


The UKtelecom Line Rental means the offer of sell-back of the traditional operators telephone line rental put forward by UKtelecom from a telephone landline in mainland France. In this way you will have a single contact intermediary in the person of UKtelecom for your service, billing and calls.

When applying to UKtelecom Line Rental it shall be assumed that your telephone line is already covered by a contractual subscription to the traditional provider, or that it sustains a service provided as part of a wholly unbundled package, or by an internet broadband access offer (only  partially  unbundled). In all other cases, in applying to the UKtelecom Telephone Line Rental, it shall be assumed that your telephone line fulfils UKtelecoms technical feasibility specifications.

The UKtelecom Telephone Line Rental concerns all calls made by you, including calls to short numbers, special numbers and VOIP numbers, type 0870 or 0970. UKtelecom implements the required technical process by the intermediary of traditional provider by enabling access to a telephonic network for you, as well as access to services related to the UKtelecom Line Rental provided by UKtelecom or by a third party.

If you already have line rental with a traditional provider you will retain the same telephone number. In all other cases a new number will be provided.

Conditions Related to Service Access

By agreeing to these terms you give authority to UKtelecom to carry out all necessary administrative procedures in your name and on your behalf to set up the UKtelecom Telephone Line Rental.

You are informed by this agreement that the transfer to UKtelecom Telephone Line Rental entails the cancellation of telephone service offers you used to have (France Telecom subscription offers or any other provider dealing in the resale of France Telecom subscriptions). However Broadband services from other providers shall not be affected by this transfer. It is a condition of our providing you line rental service that all calls made by you, as defined here shall be made over our services and accessible without dialling a UKtelecom  prefix. In addition, installation of the UKtelecom Telephone Line Rental no longer permits you to choose a different provider by simply changing prefix from one call to the next.


Commissioning the UKtelecom Telephone Line Rental generally takes 15 working days from the date of receiving the  completed UKtelecom agreement form. This time-frame shall not apply if commissioning the UKtelecom Telephone Line Rental involves connection assistance in your home and / or carrying out work.

Please note that there may be a minor service interruption on the day when the line rental  is transferred to us.

Costs Related to Service Access

In the event of a new line being set up, installation costs are regulated and invoiced by France Telecom.

If you are moving within the same area and it is possible for you to retain your current number you can choose to have this by paying an additional single fee of 11.50‚¬. Retention of your number cannot be guaranteed and will depend on France Telecoms decision.

If an engineer is asked to attend your property because of a fault which is found to be inside your property and not on the France Telecom network you will be charged by France Telecom for this call-out. In the event that you were not present when, by  appointment  an engineer called, you will be charged a penalty to cover the engineers costs of 69.00‚¬. You will also have to contact UKtelecom to make another appointment.

Technical Call-Outs

Fees contingent upon any technical assistance shall remain liable to and payable by you.

Service Fees: Charges and Invoicing

Rates may change at any time, and when this is necessary we will give you 30 days notice before they become effective. Your first line rental invoice will include a one month deposit and payment in advance for the current month. Thereafter you will be invoiced monthly for your line rental service. You agree to settle our invoices by either a UK Direct Debit or a French Prélèvement only on a monthly basis as invoiced by UKtelecom. The invoice will include all services you have requested. Any complaint about your invoice must reach us within 10 days. After that the invoice will be considered as accepted. We undertake to repay you within 30 days after examination of your complaint by way of a credit on your next invoice, if the complaint is found to be valid. All amounts or prices conveyed in this agreement are inclusive of tax.

In the event that you cancel your line with France Telecom after the order has been submitted a charge of 45.00‚¬ will be charged to the customer by UK Telecom.

Faults on the Line

It is your responsibility to notify us by email or phone if you have a technical issue on your France Telecom line. We will endeavour to arrange for the line to be repaired as soon as possible. We are reliant on the speed of the engineers contracted by France Telecom and therefore cannot be held responsible in the event of delays by third parties.

The telephone line remains the property of France Telecom and under this agreement UKtelecom undertakes to manage it on your behalf. UKtelecom shall not be responsible for any damages including actual, direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, punitive or reliance, or for any lost profits of any kind, even if the damages were foreseeable, arising out of the provision of this or related services, or in any way arising out of the UKtelecom Telephone Line Rental. UKtelecoms liability is precluded from any case caused and in particular  cases involving  telecommunications operators failure. You shall undertake to waiver all right to claim to damages award or to cancellation of this agreement on the grounds of distorted presentation or non respect of warranty where none had been granted in respect of the present agreement. UKtelecom shall not be held responsible for any failure of France Telecoms part for technical faults on the line, delayed or missed appointments.

Cancellation of the Line Rental Contract

This agreement has been concluded for an indefinite period with a cancellation fee of 17.96‚¬ in the first six months.   After this initial period it may be terminated with 30 days notice. Contract termination must be given by email or by recorded delivery, with acknowledgement of delivery to our UK address.

It is also your responsibility to notify us under these same cancellation conditions if you have cancelled your line with France Telecom or moved to another operator or charges will be applied.

Telephone Calls (Carrier Pre Selection)


This service enables you to choose UKtelecom to carry your outgoing telephone calls on your land line. We may vary these services so we can maintain or improve the quality or comply with any new regulation. You are responsible for the usage of the service after installation.

Ordering the Service

When applying for this service you will need to also send us a copy of a recent bill from your current provider.


This agreement is for a minimum of 30 days duration and will continue until either of us gives the other 30 days written notice of termination. We will accept notice by email sent from your email account on our records.

The agreement may be ended immediately by you if we break a term of this agreement, which we have not rectified after 14 days, or if the other party stops trading or becomes insolvent or is wound up. We may end this agreement without notice if you break any of your obligations under this notice.

On termination of this agreement for whatever reason you will:

  • Immediately pay all outstanding amounts
  • Be responsible for any reprogramming of any costs for you to use an alternative provider
  • Reimburse UKtelecom for any costs incurred in transferring your services to us if the service is cancelled within 90 days up to a maximum of 00‚¬.


UKtelecom charges you for the calls you make using this service. The charges are specified in our price lists valid at the date of commencement of the service. The charges are based on data collected on our suppliers equipment and not your own records.

Competitive Pricing Clause

If you are offered cheaper local, national or international call prices for exactly comparable services (including but not restricted to carrier quality and direct and indirect switching methods and procedures) by another supplier, UKtelecom reserves the right to match these prices. If we do not you may end the agreement within the terms of this agreement but without payment of any compensation charge.

Suspension of Call Packages:

You may suspend your call package up to a maximum of six times per year. For a minimum time of one month.

Suspension of Service

We may suspend the service (without being liable to compensate you) if:

  • There is a national emergency
  • To comply with a request from a government or other competent authority
  • To protect or provide services to rescue or other essential services


Broadband services are applied to a customers line, and not to a customers account. Therefore where a minimum contract period applies to the installation of the service cancellation before the minimum period will incur a charge even if the customer moves to a new address and takes a similar service. There is a minimum contract of 12 months unless stated elsewhere.

Our standard Broadband service requires a continuously operating telephone line. Where there is a fault on the line Broadband charges will continue to accrue.  This is standard across all providers in France.

Therefore the standard service is not compatible with a Ligne Résidence Secondaire (a France Telecom service that allows line rental to be suspended when not in use).

The line rental service must remain active at all times because if the line servicing the standard Broadband service is ceased it will automatically terminate the Broadband service and cause cancellation fees to be charged. New connection charges and a new contract will have to be entered into if the service is to be reinstated.

It is therefore imperative that line rental bills are paid on time to avoid these costs.

The Voip Broadband service uses a line that has ordinary voice traffic disabled, sending all calls over the broadband service.

We provide a high speed Broadband service and where technically possible a second telephone line over the standard Broadband service. The second telephone line will have a different number and will require a separate phone to be connected to the modem used to provide the  Broadband  connection. It  is capable  of accepting incoming calls, voicemail and other services. If you are provided with the Voip Broadband service you will only have one line.

Your broadband subscription starts on the date when your broadband service activation is confirmed. Please bear this in mind when you submit your broadband application, especially if you are not residing in France permanently.

If you are changing your broadband supplier it is very likely that your service will be interrupted on the day when the actual connection is being performed by the engineers.


The availability of Broadband and its speed is dependent on technical issues associated with your individual France Telecom line and the equipment installed at your local exchange. There are some areas where this service is not available and others where the speed will be considerably slower. Please note that we are not able to take any action on your behalf if France Telecom do not provide the facility for broadband.

Commissioning the Broadband Service generally takes 15 working days  from the date of receiving the completed UKtelecom agreement form. In the case of a line installation or reactivation the 15 working days time frame for Broadband activation will apply only from the date the line is confirmed to be active and fully functioning. This time-frame  shall not  apply if commissioning the Broadband Service involves; resolving any technical issues associated either with the line or equipment; problems caused by the previous provider; connection assistance in your home and / or carrying out work undertaken by third parties.

We always undertake a test of your line before accepting your order to ensure that you are not mis-sold our service.

Standard Broadband

If your telephone line is in an area where we can provide a Broadband service UKtelecom will seek to activate Broadband on your line. We need your authority to undertake this work and provide a suitable mandate that we can use to request France Telecom to take the necessary action. If you are not the person known to France Telecom as the person responsible for the line you will remain responsible to the person whos name the line is in and guarantee UKtelecom against any claims made by the line holder.

You will be advised that this technical solution replaces any previous Broadband service, but will not automatically exempt you from the contractual obligations you have agreed to fulfil upon your signature of your previous broadband contract.

Telephone Calls Made Over Your Broadband Service

You can connect one telephone directly to the modem we supply. This needs to be of the touch tone type. Calls made with this will be carried over the UK Telecom internet service.

Our standard Broadband service is independent from your existing telephone services and you can continue to make calls in the usual way if you have ADSL filters correctly installed to all wall sockets. All calls made over the Broadband number will attract charges with the exception of 1 hour of free calls monthly with our standard Broadband service.

Broadband with no France Telecom Line (Voip Broadband)

This service still requires a working telephone line but all calls are carried over the broadband service. There is no line rental charge with this service; however your line must have a minimum speed of 2MB for the service to work satisfactorily. In the event of a fault on the line all services will be lost and the broadband charges will still be made as the service is still working.

This service includes unlimited calls to landlines in France and the UK and our fair usage policy applies. This reflects the fact that the service is for domestic and not business users.

A very small number of customers applying for this service may experience a period of loss of all services for up to 2 weeks due to technical problems at their local exchange that are not possible to determine before commencing processing of their order. If such a delay is experienced there will be nothing that UKtelecom can do to speed the process as the work is undertaken by France Telecom engineers.

Voip Broadband Value carries a 12-month contract clause; this contract is specific to an address and NOT the customer, therefore a Voip Broadband contract CANNOT be transferred to another property or line. The completion of the 12 month contract still applies at the original property even if you have relocated, your new line will be treated as a new contract.

Your Modem

We supply a high quality wireless modem that is dispatched by courier. When rented, the modem and accessories we provide remain the property of UKtelecom and must be returned at the end of the contract in good working order by registered post within 30 days of the end of the contract. In the event that all the equipment is not returned, charges will be incurred, see Modem Exchange for full details. Full instructions in English are sent with the equipment. A content list is provided on the instructions sent with the modem and will be sent again when we confirm the address for modem return.

The modem requires a standard power supply and in normal usage it should be connected at all times.

In the event of a power cut or likely electrical surge typically due to a storm, damage can be done to the modem for which UKtelecom is not liable. It is advisable that both the power and telephone connections are unplugged when storms are anticipated to avoid damage.

If the modem is damaged as a result of a storm the customer will be liable for a charge of 100.00‚¬ for a replacement modem. Please refer to Modem Exchange for further details.

If you are on our standard Broadband service in the event of a power cut not associated with a storm you will lose your internet access and calls made from a phone connected to the modem will go over the normal land line with the associated costs. If you are on our Onebill Value service you will have no broadband or telephone services in these circumstances.

You are responsible for the installation of the modem. UKtelecom reserves the right to upgrade your modem to improve performance and reliability. This may be done remotely and may require your assistance to remain connected to the service.

When bought outright, the modem is guaranteed for 1 year; any damage after this time will not be covered by UKT. Please refer to Modem Exchange for further details.

Your France Telecom Line & Relocation

You must maintain a working France Telecom line for our standard Broadband service to work. The line service can be purchased directly from France Telecom or from UKtelecom. If you are using our Onebill Value service you will not have a France Telecom line as all services will go over the Broadband service.

Please note that if you move, change your number or move and retain your number your Broadband service will cease and it is important to advise us at least 30 days in advance of such an occurrence so that we can advise you of any costs and use our best endeavours to ensure continuity of service.   Please note we cannot guarantee continuous service as we have to rely on France Telecom engineers to undertake work at your local exchange and this will depend on engineer availability that is outside of our control. Your new address will need to be within a zone where a Broadband service is available. It is not possible to guarantee retention of your Broadband telephone number but we will use our best endeavours to retain it on your behalf.

Please note that the Onebill Value service CANNOT be transferred to a new address, the 12 month contract will still apply to the line, and the remaining amount must be paid to the original line, even if you wish to have the new service at the new property.

Reliability of the Service

The service is very stable and most problems arise from either incorrect installation or a fault on the line between the local exchange and the property. If this  is  the reason for the service not being available there is no fault on the part of the Broadband service and charges will continue to apply.

Whether the line rental is purchased directly from France Telecom or from UKtelecom the line remains in the ownership of France Telecom but they will not pay any compensation for loss of service on the line. Like any technical service, development and maintenance work has to be undertaken from time to time. You can expect to have access to your service for 97% of the time. In the unlikely event that disruption to the service in any one month due to our Broadband service issues is above 3% we will at your request credit you on a pro rata basis for any period in excess of 3%.

Minimum Contract Period, Continuity and Termination

There is a minimum of 12 months contract with the standard Broadband service, and Voip Broadband has a 12 months minimum contract; any cancellation within the minimum contract period will require the remainder contract charges to be paid. Contracts can be terminated by email or recorded delivery letter addressed to our UK offices giving 30 days notice. Your contract will be continuous until you give us notice you wish to cancel the service. For return of the modem please refer to Your Modem above.

Our Responsibility to You

It is our responsibility to ensure that the modem we supply is delivered to your address and that the Broadband service is active on your line, and that we supply sufficient information to ensure that a serviceable computer can connect to the modem.

We provide as part of our service remote diagnostic checks on your line and modem to identify where any problem might be, and will address any found to be on our service and if elsewhere we will provide advice on what needs to be done.

Your Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to ensure you will be at your address at the time we agree to send your modem as it must be signed for.

UKtelecom Standard Broadband Price List Effective July 2015
Minimum Contract 12 months
ADSL Subscription 24.95‚¬/month
Modem Rental (Instead of  Modem Purchase) 3.00‚¬/month
Modem Purchase (Instead of Modem Rental) 60.00‚¬
Additional Line Free    with    services having line rental
Broadband  and Unlimited VOIP Calls to France and UK Landlines 39.50‚¬/month
Activation Fee 30.00‚¬
Activation Fee Voip Broadband 35.00‚¬
Non Return of modem 100.00‚¬
Cancellation Fee None , remainder of contract to be paid in case of an early cancellation



Reactivation  if  line  is cut during contract Remaining time of contract + 30‚¬
Transfer of subscription to another line 70.00‚¬
Transfer to Voip Broad. 70.00‚¬


UKtelecom VOIP Broadband Price List Effective July 2015
Minimum Contract 1 year
ADSL Subscription 36.90‚¬/month
Unlimited Calls to 101 Destinations via VOIP Free
Activation Fee 35.00‚¬
Non Return of modem 100.00‚¬
Cancellation Fee (after 12 month        contract period) None
Transfer of subscription to another line (after 12 months) 35.00‚¬

 Modem Exchange

When rented, faulty or damaged modems will be replaced but you may be liable for a charge of 100.00‚¬ depending on the nature of the problem (please refer to Your Modem).

The old modem and all accessories must be returned to our offices within 30 days by recorded delivery at your expense. In the event that the modem is not returned you will be liable to a charge of 100.00‚¬. In the event that the accessories provided with the modem are not returned there will be a charge of 5.00‚¬ per missing item. A content list is provided on the instructions sent with the modem and will be sent again when we confirm the address for modem return.

When bought outright, a faulty or damaged modem will be replaced free of charge during its one  year guarantee, unless damaged by power cut or electrical surge; at the end of the one year guarantee, it will then be replaced at the cost of a new modem.

Access to UKTV – British Virtual Private Network

e.g. TV and Radio (iPlayer etc)

Provision of the service

UKtelecom will supply on request to all broadband customers access to a British Virtual Private Network allowing customers to receive many services including TV programming such as the iPlayer and other channel equivalents. The quality of the service  will  be dependent on the speed of your broadband service.

This service will  be provided free of charge for subscribers providing that their account is maintained in good order. However we reserve the right to suspend or withdraw this service at our total discretion. We also reserve the right to charge for it following 30 days notice should market conditions change. In such circumstances suspension or withdrawal of the service may be immediate. You will have no claim against UKtelecom in such circumstances. Reinstatement of the service will be at the sole discretion of UKtelecom.

The free service is limited to 10 GB per month. If you use between 10 and 30 GB we will invoice you 7.50‚¬ including tax for the month in which the limit was exceeded. If your usage is over 30 GB you will be charged 17.50‚¬ including tax for an unlimited service. This will be included in your usual monthly  invoice. (Please refer to our Fair Usage Policy for more details.)

We will otherwise provide 30 days notice of our intention to suspend, change or withdraw the service, normally by notice included on your monthly invoice. In the event that the service is discontinued you will have no claim against us.

The service also allows access to other products and web sites, for example access to films that may be downloaded. Such services use considerable capacity and we therefore apply a policy covering fair usage. In the event that usage limit is exceeded we will invoice you for the additional use, such amounts being clearly stated in our Fair Usage Policy.

By using this service you agree to be invoiced for usage above the limit set out in this policy and collection of the fee due to be included in your monthly invoice.

Acceptable Use Policy

As with our broadband service, you agree not to and not to allow others to use this service in a way that will breach any applicable laws such as copyright or other intellectual property right. This also includes the commission of any criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 (UK) or any similar legislation in France.

You also agree not to recklessly transmit or otherwise any information that is defamatory, an invasion of privacy, nor display publicly material which is in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK) or similar legislation in France. You also agree not to use the service in a way that would infringe any rights of any kind or nature that would apply to any individual or firm or company etc.

Free Technical Support

We will provide free technical support to assist you accessing the service using the user name and password we provide.